Them Lost Boys feat. Lexi Forche (H-Wave Remix)

Realeased November 29, 2015.

Symbiotic - Bounce (H-Wave Remix)

Released November 29, 2015

The Weeknd - The Hills (H-Wave Remix)

Released December 5, 2015

H-Wave Late Rave Volumes

HWLR Vol. 020

Released August, 2015

HWLR Vol. 021

Released in August, 2015

HWLR Vol. 022

Realeased in August, 2015.

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The 'Zeroth' Wave

04:34 a.m. EST 05.17.2015

Zerothwave was created for the purpose of streaming multi-layered stacks of multimedia.

What comes before the very first "wave"? The "zeroth" wave is where it must begin. Digitally mastered sound waves are ever evolving entites. Hidden within recorded digital images of soundwave files lie instruction sets. The scope of the arrangement of binary digits is changing. The current iteration of our technological era has reached its limit. Through a multiplex of streaming sound, vecter-point mathematics, physical sensor equipment, and additional sophisticated visual influences, the future of music itself becomes clear. More data equals higher quality multimedia.


  • Fallen From Silence Records
  • Playing With Phire
  • Fak U Records
  • Applied Physics
  • HighLucyNation


  • Trap
  • Dubstep
  • Liquid Trap
  • Trapstep
  • Chiptronic Trapstep
  • Trance

Sound Industry Changing FAST

05:32 p.m EST September 08, 2015

Once your file is uploaded somewhere it is infinitely copyable to anyone or any place in the world. These days, with today's wireless network bandwidth speeds, streaming music in hi-fi (high quality or 'high fidelity') is basically the same thing as downloading them for one time listeners who are fed free rotating streams of compared and suggested categories of content.

Soundcloud (for only one example) has been REINVESTED in by Warner Music Group. That is quite the move in the digital industry.

Also TuneCore, CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, rdio, reverbnation and countless others are forming aggregation conglomerates for the purpose of digital content distribution.

Looking into who owns what and who has partnered with who is something worth spending time on.

Who really knows what happens to music once it's in the Cloud?

The era of the digital sound engineer is here. 2020 is just around the corner. Heads up.

New Visualizer Videos

04:56 p.m. EST August 07, 2015

There are now High Definition visualizer videos released with each H-Wave Late Rave.

The first ten H-Wave Late Raves were of various lengths ranging from about a half an hour to forty-five minutes. The next ten, volumes eleven to twenty, were all recorded to be exactly or nearly exactly one hour long.

Now with volumes twenty-one and beyond, there are high-definition sound-generated visualizations to accompany each hour-long H-Wave Late Rave mix.

Vides Specifications:

  • 720p
  • 120fps
  • 60 minute
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 48Khz 16 bit PCM .wav sound
  • sound-initiated

Eventually there will be more content available with each video, presumebly until each poly-morph into automated, multi-plexing channels of media input and output.